About Donations to the American Indian College Fund

TH Mills, Inc. donates 5% of gross profits from sales of First Nation™ products to the American Indian College Fund. “Gross profits” is sales dollars at wholesale prices (less the cost of returned products, less the cost of outbound freight, less the cost of special discounts and allowances) less cost of goods sold (which also includes a gift with purchase). This amount does not include sales and marketing or general and administrative expenses. Total potential sales are unknown and are not subject to a reasonable estimate. However, for illustrative purposes only, if sales less returns and discounts were $100,000, and cost of goods sold were $40,000, the donation made to the College Fund would be $3,000 ($100,000 - $40,000, or $60,000 x 5%). Donations are based only on sales of first quality products sold to full price retail or e-commerce establishments, and do not include product sold as “discontinued” or “closeout,” that are discounted in any other way, or sold in discount or closeout retailers/e-commerce web sites. There is no established expiration for these donations – they will continue indefinitely until such time as the products are discontinued, completely sold out or can no longer be manufactured for any reason.

American Indian College Fund
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Telephone: 303-426-8900
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*All usage of the American Indian College Fund’s name and logo on packaging and related sales and marketing materials is done with the express permission of the American Indian College Fund.