About Thorneburg Hosiery Mills, Inc.

A Brief History … 

In 1953 Lewis and Mattie Thorneburg began producing high-quality boot socks for the military from a small mill in Statesville, North Carolina. In 1970, their son Jim became president.  It was then that the focus and direction of the family business began to evolve into a company that would change the way people – including sports professionals – think about the socks inside their specialized shoes with the eventual development of the Thorlos sock brand.


The goal was to design and produce uniquely functional socks of the highest quality as a function-driven company only make sock products that would contribute to foot comfort, foot protection and foot health.


Innovation was given tremendous impetus with the purchase of a new finishing plant in Rockwell, North Carolina.  An extensive research and development program was begun, particularly in the area of sports specific socks.  This innovative development paved the way for producing a revolutionary athletic sock, Thorlos®, the original Activity Specific Sock product.

Scientifically designed and engineered, each cushioned sock was made to meet the specific needs and stresses of each particular activity.  These uniquely constructed systems of foot protection were so different that they were awarded numerous patents.

First with Gender Specific Sock Designs

Another major initiative was the design of gender specific products – sock products sized, padded and engineered specifically to fit a woman’s foot by recognizing the size, shape and proportions of the woman’s foot as distinct from a man’s.  The result was a better shoe/boot fit, more comfort, enhanced performance and healthier feet.

To date, we have grown from knitting one military style sock to a line of over 54 patented and engineered activity specific sock products for virtually all consumer lifestyles.  And to continue to be at the leading edge of providing superior product that exceeds the needs and expectations of consumers, TH Mills is always in search for the most sophisticated fiber, yarn and knitting technology available.

No ordinary sock manufacturer has spent or continues to spend the multi-millions of R & D dollars that TH Mills has to integrate the primary elements of comfort -- moisture management, pressure and shear reduction, circulation and temperature control -- into the design criteria for every sock we make. Combining that scientific know how with the latest in fiber, yarn and blend technologies allows us to provide consumers with performance benefits that can be found in no other sock product.