About the Artists

Karen Berry - Cherokee Artist

Karen Berry is a Cherokee artist from Texas. She was introduced to Cherokee culture and art through her mother, Martha Berry, a renowned artist in Cherokee beadwork. Karen's Cherokee designs are derived from her gourd art and finger weaving. Carving and painting gourds, she creates and applies intricate designs, the inspiration for which comes primarily from the period prior to Cherokee contact with the Europeans. Her finger weaving (also called “open face” or “flat braiding”) follows the Cherokee tradition, involving one color of fine wool in an oblique pattern, with beads, usually white, integrated into the woven piece.

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Shawn Espinosa - Sioux Artist

Shawn Espinosa is a Lakota Sioux artist from South Dakota who works primarily in the parfleche medium. Through his work with this historic medium, he strengthened a connection to his heritage: “I make my own rawhide and I try to be as authentic as possible with my colors and materials. I am primarily self-taught, learning through experience and from family. Art has always been a big part of my life, and every parfleche piece I create is one-of-a-kind and special, with a lot of time and love that goes into the creative process.”

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